AUDIO: Bomba Estereo Featuring Will Smith – “Fiesta (Remix)”

Nope, that’s not a typo. Will Smith, of Fresh Prince fame and maybe a few movies that you’ve heard of, is rapping again for the first time since his last album dropped, ten years ago. The track, “Fiesta” is a club banger to say the least, and Smith’s verse is the musical equivalent of when you’re at an awesome party, and the guy that never goes out anymore shows up to make it that much more fun. However, Smith does drop an awful opening rhyme, but look, after a decade some rust is going to accumulate. It’s not the Fresh Prince / Jazzy Jeff full reunion that we’re all waiting for (though they’ve briefly reunited for a song here and there), but it’s new Will Smith and it works. Check out “Fiesta (Remix)” below:

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