AUDIO: Twista Featuring Alex Wiley – “Japanese Freestyle”

Where to start on this one… this is definitely one of those Chicago collaborations that I would always welcome seeing on a track. On the one side, you have Twista, an established Chicago veteran known for his rapid fire verses, which he delivers and then some on this freestyle. On the other side, Alex Wiley, in many respects still an up-and-comer, at least on the national level. In Chicago, however, he’s well established, and manages to match Twista in terms of solid flow (though nobody’s competing with Twista’s double-time flow). As I’m writing this, I’m on consecutive play number three. It’s also very cool to see that a good portion of Twista’s verse is paying compliments to Wiley, something that you don’t see passed down enough in hip hop. Oh, also, the whole track is a banger, so there’s that. Check it out:

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