Album Review: Life’s Not Out To Get You





The fact that Neck Deep are as popular as they are now is fascinating. Only three years after forming they are currently signed to Hopeless Records and played the main stage at this year’s Warped Tour. Damn….personally I didn’t get it. Besides a handful of songs, I merely thought of them as The Story So Far wannabes who formed at the right time. However, after hearing their new album titled, Life’s Not Out To Get You, Neck Deep are aiming for bigger and better things in the pop punk world. Consider me a fan now. I went in expecting something phoned in like State Champs, Handguns, and even The Story So Far. Instead you’re blasted with riffs so catchy they give you New Found Glory vibes. The biggest improvement is vocalist Ben Barlow’s range. He goes from his classic yells to soft singing to somewhere in-between which could be thanks to one of the producers being Jeremy McKinnon. McKinnon is a master at making vocalists sound as best as possible on whatever record he produces. With that said, everyone else sounds good! This is a well crafted pop punk record. From in your face jams (Citizens Of Earth) to rocking out (Serpents) to of course the ballad (December). If anyone in the genre can do ballads right, it’s Neck Deep. If you enjoyed A Part Of Me, you’ll like December even more. Yes, it’s that good. The lyrics are how you think of them. It’s got all the tropes but goddamn, the songwriting is strong. With catchy lines such as “She sleeps beneath the surface, consorting with the serpents” and “I hope you get your ballroom, a perfect house with rose red doors” you can’t help but sing along.



If you weren’t a fan or never heard of them, Life’s Not Out To Get You is the album that’ll turn you into one. Play it loud and proud because this is one of the best pop punk releases of 2015.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Tracks that are a must listen: Citizens Of Earth, Can’t Kick Up The Roots, Kali Ma, Serpents, December, Rock Bottom

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