Album Review: It’s Great To Be Alone

Like a fine wine, Estates get better with each new release. With two EPs, a split with Our Lady, and an album, this leads us to their finest album yet titled, It’s Great To Be Alone. Possibly the best album in Milwaukee’s emo revival scene. On to the review!



So already I’m completely hooked by this fast opener. The first thing that hits me is how much it reminds me of Jimmy Eat World’s earlier work such as Static Prevails and Clarity. Mike Carini’s riffs are on point and will leave you screaming “It was simple, so simple”. This is how you grab a listener.

Rating: Play on repeat


Not Now 

This song has an amazing rhythem section (Provided by Matt Tomashek on drums and Charlie Markowiak on bass). One of the best parts of Estates is how all three of them sing, giving a boost to certain parts of their songs. Add in some super relatable lyrics and you got yourself another head banger.

Rating: Play on repeat


Scared To Tell You 

Now it’s starting to get interesting for this song gives off vibes from Weezer’s Blue album and Pinkerton only put together to create something great. The lyrics will also truly hit you in the feels. Makes me wanna scream! *flips a table*

Rating: Play on repeat


Change You

For a song that’s under two minutes, it sure does have a lot to say. The lyrics speak for themselves giving you a raw emo punk jam.

Rating: Play on repeat


Full Of Apologies 

This is the type of song that you show your friends who have never heard of this band before. To me, it sums up Estates. With only four lines, it’s the chemistry of the instruments that tell you everything else.

Rating: Play on repeat


Sandburg West 

My personal favorite, Sandburg West is the ballad of the album. A sort of time to take a breath and reflect. It makes perfect sense why the last line is the title of the album.

Rating: Play on repeat


Slept In

Now if it’s not certain by now, these guys RULE at writing catchy lines. This song is no exception at as it starts mellow before crashing into lines like “You’re always laughing at your eyes and don’t you see they resemble mine?”

Rating: Play on repeat



Goodness, the bass on this song is fantastic. Yet another song that gives me Weezer vibes but only in the vocals. Another insane chorus to push the person next to you around. (Don’t do that though unless they don’t mind)

Repeat: Play on repeat


No In Between

Super grungy vibes on this killer track. Props to the amazing buildup and dreamy guitar. This song is a must listen just for the ending alone. This is easily the best song on the album and personally, I think would be amazing to hear live.

Rating: Play on repeat



Such a proper ending to one amazing album. It leaves you closing your eyes and smiling while bobbing your head. If it’s flipping your vinyl back over or clicking Tuesday and starting over, this is one album you’ll want to listen to over and over.

Rating: Play on repeat


Being a band since 2012, Estates is letting Milwaukee know how much butt they can kick in our music scene. They can only go up from here. Excited for what the future holds for them.


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