Album Review: Lucid

From the mind of Samer Ghani comes an electronic project called Comet Tales. A fun and dreamy band that draws influence from groups such as Owl City and Angels & Airwaves. Over a year of hard work has led to his first release called Lucid, a mellow (and sometimes aggressive) album that should be played on a night drive with windows down and the volume up. On to the review!



Starting off with one hell of an opener, Midnights wastes no time telling your ears what’s in store. This and Broadcast are some of the most impressive songs to come from a small basement in Milwaukee. You can definitely see the influences throughout. The lyrics are well done and poetic with the chorus being stuck in my head for days (I’m like Saturn in your moonlight).

Rating: Play on repeat


On The Inside

While still keeping his sound intact, On The Inside shifts from an arena sound to a dream like daze that makes you want to lay down in the dark. The only line is the title of this song and I absolutely think that’s genius. It’s ambiguous and the music acts as sort of the answer to what Samer is singing.

Rating: Play on repeat


Where Are My Cats

Now we come to our elephant in the room. While I do love the instrumentals and Samer’s delivery on the vocals, it completely throws off the vibe of Lucid and the lyrics are cringe worthy. It’s sad cause this could of been a super fast and fun punk song but alas, this one should have been left out.

Rating: Pass



After the slight hiccup we come to Broadcast, my personal favorite on Lucid. The whole song has this colorful vibe and wow, just a super catchy song. You can’t help but sing along whenever this comes on your shuffle.

Rating: Play on repeat and sing your lungs out


The Battle

Fantastic build up and a piano melody that would make Tom Delonge proud, The Battle feels like the start of an adventure (or a battle heh). No use for lyrics on this wonderful track.

Rating: Play on repeat


Solar Flare 

Ending the album is Solar Flare, a beautiful end to a great album. It features a super catchy riff that’ll make you want to learn it and perfectly done vocal effects. It’s the last thing you hear before waking up from a almost perfect dream.

Rating: Play on repeat


With the exception of Where Are My Cats, Lucid is a wonderful album for fans Angels and Airwaves, Port Blue, and even bands like Sigur Ros. Would highly recommend.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 



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