Defending All Time Low’s Dirty Work

Think back before 2011. All Time Low were on top of the world. The success of Nothing Personal and it’s lead single Weightless shot them on a path to take over the mainstream. They signed to Interscope, sought a number of producers, and even Alex Gaskarth wrote with several co writers. As shown in songs like Too Much, ATL were ready to experiment with their sound….so what happened? Time Bomb was the first release from the album and I loved it. It made me stoked for the album. Then I Feel Like Dancin’ come next and I was left scratching my head. I enjoyed it, I liked the guitars and the catchy hook but the lyrics threw me off. This wasn’t very ATL. By the time the album was ready to stream I actually thought it was good. Not great but good. It certainly wasn’t no Nothing Personal or So Wrong, It’s Right. However, as years went on I started skipping and even loathing certain songs off it (Especially That Girl UGHHHHHHH) but one thing didn’t change. It’s 2015 and I still think when you cut out certain songs, Dirty Work would make for a pretty good EP. Read along and join me as I show you certain songs from the album that I think you should give a second chance.


First off, before the release of Dirty Work, Alex leaked what seemed to be a clip called Art Of The State. At first, it seemed like just a teaser for the album but upon hearing Do You Want Me (Dead?) it’s clear that Art Of The State is meant to be the intro to the album. However, thanks to fans, both songs have been edited together and the lyrics flow into one another. It’s a fantastic ATL opener that’ll surely get you pumped.


Now we follow it up with Forget About It. A song that tells about the doubts and fears of a relationship. When you get to the bridge, you’ll hear a spoken word part that everyone in their teens or 20s can relate to. This song is 100% All Time Low.


Next up is Guts and THIS SONG IS AMAZING! Whenever you’re feeling down or starting to doubt your abilities or scared to tell your crush your true feelings, listen to this song. It’ll hit you hard and leave you inspired.



What started out as a Simple Plan song proved to sound too ATL so they decided to give Time Bomb to them. This song shows that not all co written songs are garbage. Plus the video is really enjoyable and shows the charisma of the band as they perform.



“I’m building a place. Something amazing just for the sake of saving us” Under A Paper Moon is hands down the best song on Dirty Work and one of the best All Time Low songs. Trust me, just press play.



ATL are known for their sweet sounding ballads and A Daydream Away is no exception. Highly underrated, it tells the stress of touring and seems very personal to Alex.




Finally, we reach the end of this fake EP. Heroes is a song that would fit well in So Wrong, It’s Right, ending Dirty Work with a bang. All four give it their all on this track. Also note the fact that John Feldmann produced this song which makes me even more excited for Future Hearts.


Fans and ex fans, hopefully you can hear me out when I say Dirty Work isn’t as terrible as you say it is. You are all missing out on some awesome All Time Low songs. Give these songs a chance and who knows, maybe they’ll play some live again.







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