Top Ten Brand New songs

Sure, there are plenty of bands with a cult following but are they Brand New? The band whose shows sold out before you can click purchase tickets. A band who related to you in many ways and made you even sob sometimes. With four incredible albums, all different from each other, chances are there’s a song or album that simply gets you. So what are their best songs? Well surely some dude with a blog knows so here we go~



10: Seventy Times 7

Let’s start off with a song that you can’t go a week without seeing someone quoting lyrics on any kind of social media. Jessie Lacey perfectly captures what it’s like to be young and angry. Most people (sadly) have experienced cheaters and shitty friends around their teens/early twenties and when it happened, this song was there waiting to blast out of their speakers.




9: Gasoline

The gritty production and the vulnerable vocals are what make this song golden. The wonderful build up that leads to Lacey passionately shouting “I swear it’s like dying to catch a ghost” is a chilling yet incredible feeling that’ll have you jamming until you decide to hit replay. The lyrics are up to interpretation which slowly inches towards a religious aspect. Almost like Jessie found out a terrible secret about the church.




8: Mixtape 

One of the greatest angsty songs about someone ever. Of all time. Just listen. ALL of us have met someone like this.




7: The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

BOOM! The lead single that caught mainstream attention and introduced people to one of the greatest albums of all time. A powerful song about regret, you’ll be screaming your lungs out to the chorus with all of your friends.




6: Daisy 

A very powerful song. You can either take it as being about self loathing or something religious. (Pretty much all of the album tackles this topic.) Starting off with Lacey’s vocals and a beautiful riff, it takes a left turn with a child talking leading into a gritty bass that gave me chills the first time I heard it. A must listen for any newcomers to the band.




5: Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t

With half being about how the fans see Lacey and the other how he sees himself, this song is a ride from beginning to end. The instrument playing is beautifully done and helps to strengthen the lyrics. One of the more memorable songs from Deja Entendu.




4: Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades

The lyrics, the music, the bass line, the fact that you want to give Jessie a hug. Everything about this song just gets you. (If you ever been through something like this because let’s face it, most of us have) When you first listened to Deja Entendu, you knew you were in for a treat when this song played.




3: Limousine 

I’m sure we can all agree that is definitely Brand New’s most depressing and powerful song. A song that shows how real life can be. A song that is a privilege to hear live.




2: Soco Amaretto Lime 

You can be 18 or 30 and still love this song. It captures a time in your life when nothing mattered and you just lived. Going to parties, falling in love, having a blast with friends, you play this and can’t help but smile. This is a song that will stand the test of time and be passed on to each generation’s ears.




1: You Won’t Know

This. Haunting. Riff. It’s the greatest Brand New riff of all time. Mix it with a violin playing along and all of a sudden you’re in a daze. You hear Lacey’s cryptic lyrics which crashes into a huge jam which smoothly leads you back to that same haunting riff. This is songwriting as finest. Not only that but the lyrics were crafted expertly. From theories about it being about a relationship, an abortion, to even about the limo driver (listen to Limousine). I truly believe this to be Brand New’s greatest song.




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