REVIEW: Super Fresh Bros. – “Bonus Stage”

The much awaited follow up to Super Fresh Bros.’ Level 1 is out now, and the SFB definitely stepped their game up on this tape. Nate the Great and C Money come correct as always, with some solid flows over production from Hooligan, Dukke Lew, Cooarri, and Flawless Tracks. Then, to add to the mix, there’s features from emerging Chicago names including Breezy, Show You Suck, Alex Wiley, and The Boy Illinois. Sheesh.

After relaying the struggle of missing pre-orders on the intro, it’s clear that SFB have their sound developed on opening track “Let Em Knowww”. The track is all about clever lyrics over a smooth trap beat. Rather than just ride the beat, the duo spit punchlines with ease. A feature from David Ellis only makes things sweeter, with a casual flow that makes things look too easy. “Night Lights”, one of the first singles from the tape, carries out a similar motif; tough beats with slick rhymes. Breezy does his thing as usual, and the hook will get stuck in your head. Guaranteed.

As things progress, SFB continue to step their game up. With an absolutely bonkers video game-style beat, “Shinobi” is a lyrical flex fest from both C Money and Nate the Great. And then the features hit. “1Up” featuring Show You Suck is a banger, with a beat guaranteed to bring any crowd to life if performed live. “Talkin’ Smack” featuring Alex Wiley definitely is a record that didn’t get enough attention when it was released earlier this year, and it sounds even better in the context of the rest of Bonus Stage. All three emcees take their turn destroying the track.

Closing out the tape, “Trife Life” is a laid back drive through Chicago, which is well needed after the high energy in the previous three tracks. Not ones to close out on a low note, Bonus Stage closes with “The Heist”, featuring The Boy Illinois. This is another smooth track that didn’t see enough buzz when it came out. SFB show that they can not only spit lyrics like crazy, but they can also story tell on a track, as well. With help from The Boy Illinois, the trio carry out a lyrical bank heist. Super smooth, and a fitting end to the tape.

Overall, this project is strong from start to finish. It’s hard to distinguish one track that stands out from the rest, because each carry their own vibe, and they all do a great job of moving the project forward. If you’ve followed Super Fresh Bros. You’ve seen them step their game up with each release that they’ve put out. It’s clear that Bonus Stage is their strongest release yet, and hopefully this opens up some doors for them, taking them to that elusive next level (see what I did there? Level? Like video games? Okay. I’ll stop now.) Check out “Bonus Stage” below:

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