The worst songs of 2014

Oh boy, 2014 did not disappoint with the atrocity that is these songs. The following are here to test the endurance of your ears and challenge your IQ.  Well….let’s dive right in.


Fancy by Iggy Azalea

Seven weeks. This song lasted seven weeks at number one on billboard. Once you eventually understand what she’s saying after looking up the lyrics, you realize you still don’t understand what she’s saying. Top it with a chorus that’ll put you to sleep and a beat anyone with a laptop can make, Fancy will have you hitting mute in a flash. Also do you think fans of this song have seen Clueless?



Proving Grounds by Attila

Speaking of not being able to understand someone, Attila are back with yet another offensive song. It’s the definition of the word, basic. Even someone like me can cover all the instruments. However, the worst part of this song are the lyrics…for example: “Take your opinion and stick it right up in your motherfuckin’ ass!” “So who’s the faggot now!?” “If you’re feeling like a victim, rape this pit.” “Suck my fuck.” Yeah…we got quite the wordsmiths right here.



Sun Daze by Florida Georgia Line

Talk about an anthem for jocks and preps of this generation. This country duo tries hard to be “hip” and what happens is a party song that’ll even make Toby Keith cringe. The video/song is good for a laugh though..but just once.



Get Her Back – Robin Thicke

Wow, who would’ve thought a song about date rape would land yourself in hot water with your wife.



Animals by Maroon 5

This song/video is just plain creepy. Not subtle at all. Adam Levine’s stalker-ish lyrics make me lose complete faith in this band (Solo act at this point). This is something you have to see for yourself if you ever enjoyed songs like She Will Be Loved.



Wiggle by Jason Derulo 

Oh. My. God….this is most definitely the worst song of 2014. Derulo spent an impressive five minutes coming up with the hook after thinking of the word, twerk. Then he put of bunch of words together, called them lyrics, used a whistle he found in the trash for the beat, and finally called Snoop Dogg in an attempt to save the song. The sad part is that it’s just so boring….who would dance to this? If you want a somewhat better song about butts than go listen to Anaconda.

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