Review: Kick Me by Sleeping With Sirens

Now here’s a band whose success confuses me yet I can’t help but keep my eye on them.  After disappointing many fans with the awful third album, Feel, Sleeping With Sirens are back with Kick Me. An impressive high energy anthem for all the die hards out there.

The song immediately grabs you with an awesome guitar hook followed by an angsty Kellin Quinn getting in your face. The lyrics, while simple and straight to the point, will never leave your head as Quinn delivers his finest vocal performance yet. After telling you that you don’t know shit the song crashes into SWS’s catchiest chorus ever. That’s the thing about this song. It’s their best yet. Everyone in the band has stepped up their game. They finally let the guitars have fun while Quinn is in more control of his voice. If this song is what the band’s next album will be like than consider me stoked.

Kick Me gets a 4 out of 5

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