Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 9/12/14 – P-Rock

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is P-Rock, an emcee with a lot to say. His latest mixtape, “The Fly Intellectual” is a showcase of both of his sides, the “fly” and the “intellectual” (see where the name comes in?). Normally, when artists try to show off their range on a project, the end product is often jumbled and makes the sound confusing to the listener. P-Rock manages to hold both sides down well, though, with a consistent sound throughout. With the addition of production from local standouts like Young Nova & Derelle Rideout, P-Rock gets a solid canvas to work with on this mixtape. He takes full advantage of that, and the end result is a solid product.

One area where P-Rock differs from a lot of local hip hop artists is that he manages to take his show on the road. In an era where it seems like most emcees make a name for themselves online, P-Rock makes his on stage. With shows around the Midwest, it shows that there is still some emphasis on the live performance. And, to boot, playing a packed club in Michigan is probably a way better method to getting your music heard than spamming all your Twitter followers. P-Rock brings a quality performance to couple with his quality recorded work.

Check out P-Rock’s “The Fly Intellectual” below:

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