Musicians You Should Know: Alisa Rodriguez

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Franklin, Wis., musician Alisa Rodriguez has been involved in Milwaukee-area music since 2011. The following year was when Wasted Islands, her first “real” band, started playing shows more frequently. Since then, Alisa has gone on to play in Lost Spirit, White Tropics and Apollo Vermouth – her solo project.

Alisa has played the guitar since the age of 11 and doesn’t have much background on other instruments, although she admits it’s “fun to mess around on a drum kit once in a while.” She started composing her own music at the age of 13. Her main musical influences include My Bloody Valentine, Boards of Canada, and William Basinski. During the days of Wasted Islands, Battles was also significant influence.

Before there was Wasted Islands, Alisa had a brief foray into metalcore during her freshman year of high school. “I’m still not sure how I got into that,” Alisa said. “I think I was just desperate to be in a band.” She played one show – a talent show – and quit.

Lately, Rodriguez has focused mostly on Apollo Vermouth. She self-produces the spacey, ambient tunes and has released several full albums, EPs, and singles under the moniker. On May 1, her new album, Fractured Youth, became available for stream via Bridgetown Records. Bridgetown is an independent label based in Los Angeles and run by Kevin Greenspon. He has previously released early recordings of Whirr and Cloud Nothings through the same label. To buy a cassette of the album, head over to and scroll to Bridgetown #104. You can listen to the album below.

Fractured Youth is about growing up,” Alisa said. “Making this album helped me immensely with depression and negativity I encountered all throughout my life. This album is not just for me, though, it’s for everyone.”

Apollo Vermouth will be playing several shows in the coming days and weeks.

May 13 w/ A Film In Color, Eaten By Trees, and Deadset @ Center Street Free Space

May 31 w/ Haunter, Estates, I Am Running In Circles, and Wesley Friedrich @ The Borg Ward

June 13 w/ Crosss, Dirty Dancing, Revenge Society, and Dead Pawn @ The Borg Ward

Save the dates and come listen to some great music.

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