All Time Low at The Rave 4/19/2014

A couple days late, but hey, it was Easter!

On Saturday, April 19th, I was in attendance of All Time Low’s 13th show at The Rave. The show started at 8 pm with Handguns. For a newer band to be opening a sold out show, man did they kill it! The crowd was divided, some have heard of the band, some did not, but it is safe to say that everybody was into them, it didn’t matter that you couldn’t really understand front-man, Taylor Eby. I spent a good portion of their set with my feet off of the floor, wedged between and slightly on top of other attendees. The crowd was just a sea for them, it was like the cheesy roller coaster “cheer” that you would see at a high school pep rally. Left. Right. Forward. Back. Takeoff, bodies in every direction. Super shout out to all that went crowd surfing and braved out breathing in everybody’s B.O.


Man Overboard played next, starting around 9 pm. If I thought the crowd was into Handguns, then they were in love with Man Overboard. There were pits everywhere, and I definitely got into a couple of them. It was refreshing to hear them play “Love Your Friends, Die Laughing”.  They ended with “Rare” and the crowd was everywhere. The crowd was especially great during Man O’s set, it’s really nice to see people stop and make sure that the guy they just knocked down is okay. However, I’m sure everybody came out of it with at least one battle-scar. I know my feet are bruised, cut, and I have a distinguished bite mark on my shoulder, but hey, we’re all friends there.


Finally All Time Low took the stage closer to 10 pm and played a full set. They opened with “Do You Want Me (Dead)?” and boy, did the crowd want them. They continued on with hits from all of their albums, but took a small break for two acoustic songs. Six years of waiting and I finally got to hear “Remembering Sunday” live. It was a nice break from the crowd, everybody got a chance to breathe, hug the people they came with and sing their heart out. When they returned to their other hits, with dirty jokes, and played two covers. I have seen All Time Low a few times before, but they have never covered anything other than “Dammit” by Blink 182. This time around, they covered “When I Come Around” by Green Day and “All The Small Things” by Blink 182. The crowd ate it up, everybody was fawning over it. However, the crowd got even more riled up when a girl in the crowd was brought up on stage to rap the entire “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” song, with the hidden third verse (she totally nailed it!). All Time Low then came back out for an immediate encore after playing “Backseat Serenade”. A three song encore included “The Reckless and the Brave”, “A Love Like War”, and “Dear Maria, Count Me In”.

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