Allen at SXSW: Wednesday Recap


Wednesday was a super long day for me. I stayed up 25 hours straight between my morning flights and a late party. More importantly, it was my first day at South By Southwest. This is my first time in Austin, so needless to say this is all a new experience for me.

Most of Wednesday was spent at the MilwaukeeHome Stage, at Cielo. Due to travel and traffic (which is horrible), I got there in time to see The Delta Routine do their thing and it was well worth it. I also caught sets from locals Ray Nitti, Klassik, Dana Coppa & SPEAK Easy, Fever Marlene, Kimberlee, Prophetic, and Pizzle. Milwaukee was well represented at the unofficial showcase.

That being said, I took time to wander up and down 6th Street, partially in search of aspirin. I caught a huge surprise when I stopped into the Nook Amphitheater, where I watched Stillwater, Oklahoma’s Taddy Porter absolutely crush it. I also ran into Shenanigans Tour alums Super Fresh Bros., who I witnessed as they freestyled in the streets of Austin against all challengers. Video of both of those things coming soon.

Also, I did hear about the accident, and none of the Milwaukee people that I know of were injured. My thoughts and prayers to those affected by the situation, though.

I’m looking forward to Thursday. I really want to see Paper Holland and Vic and Gab before the end of SXSW. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates!

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