From under the cover of darkness, new greatness emerges. An intro by any means

Whats going on all you rocking, head bobbing, molly popping folks! I’m a new blogger here for Breaking and Entering here to share with you awesome music, movies, and pop culture goodies. Not just that of Milwaukee, but nationwide as well, hell maybe even worldwide. I’m an avid music fan thats always on the prowl for some new tunes to share the next happenin’ sound. A bit about myself though, I’m a Journalism/Advertising major at UW-Milwaukee,  been playing music since I was five, and am immersed in the culture that I have come to know as Milwaukean. Feel free to check up on what I have to say about every week or so (or don’t), doesn’t matter what I have to say but I promise to share one free tune every post for your listening pleasure. Thanks for reading and happy listening!

-MuppetPat out!

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