Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 1/24/14 – Disguised As Birds

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They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, and that is the case for this week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week, Disguised As Birds. The group just put out an EP, “We Buy Gold”, this week. And… they’re also calling it quits as well. Luckily, I think it’s still okay to label them Artist of the Week, and once you hear their EP, you will too.

“We Buy Gold” is a collection of four tracks, and yet another awesome sounding album recorded by Shane Hochstetler of Call Me Lightning at his Howl Street Recordings studio. From the opening notes, I knew that this was release was going to punch me in the face throughout, and it did. The EP kicks off with “Arnold Friend”, a heavy, trudging, tough song that reminds me of the best qualities of At The Drive-In. With long, drawn out chords, it’s just a jam from the start. Disguised As Birds pull no punches with the follower, “Red Matador” either. Halfway through the release, and you know that you’ve got something special. The band was definitely intent on going out with a bang, and they did that, several times over.

The title track of “We Buy Gold” is keeps the intensity up, to say the least. You can just feel the energy, and even the recorded version gives you an idea of how powerful the live experience must be. There’s passion in every part of this recording. It’s intense, it’s angry, and it’s awesome. It’s kind of like the musical equivalent of whatever happens before a bar fight breaks out, if that makes sense. You know where it’s going next, but that doesn’t matter when you hear it. You just want to keep hearing it. That makes a great record. Closer “Black Marty” is a final blaze of glory for the band. There’s no slipping anywhere on this EP. Disguised As Birds put out a tough, take no prisoners collection of songs, and it’s definitely worth the listen, as is their earlier material. Oh, and you can pay whatever you like for the EP. I highly suggest picking it up.

Hopefully, I’ve said enough nice things that the band will stick around a little longer. Stream “We Buy Gold” below:

For more Disguised As Birds, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

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