Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 12/13/13 – Like Like The The The Death

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Like Like The The The Death, a band that is dead set on blowing you away in a moment’s notice. It’s been a good week for the band, who recently had their latest album “Cave Jenny”, listed among Shepherd Express’ Essential Milwaukee Albums of 2013. From the moment you press play on this record, you understand why they have earned that honor.

The first note on album opener “Here Comes Irregular” hits like a punch to the face. Considering that you probably are close to your stereo, or maybe haven’t adjusted your laptop volume, it’s a great start to an album that blows you away. LLTTTD are in full swing from the moment you press play, and they never look back from there. With alternating vocals reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday, and the intensity of At The Drive-In (or The Mars Volta, if you prefer), Like Like The The The Death is an in your face experience, plain and simple. With crushing, powerful guitars and two vocalists matching the band’s aggressiveness, this album is chaos incarnate. And it’s great.

Another great thing about “Cave Jenny” is that it never loses your attention, either. While keeping the breakneck speed party going, LLTTTD switch it up ever so slightly, pulling the listener in. Yes, there’s intensity, but there’s melody in just the right places, like the guitars on mid-album cut “Porch Gold”. There is a danceable drum beat that opens the track that follows “Night of a Hundred Hondos”. It’s not just noisy, fast guitars; it’s well crafted noise done correctly. Recorded at Bay View gem Howl Street Recordings, “Cave Jenny” is sonically clear, but carries enough raw power to get you hooked. It is undoubtedly one of the best local albums to come out this year, and definitely worth a listen. Check out the cool but creepy, Jack Packard-directed “Here Comes Irregular” video, and stream “Cave Jenny” below.

For more Like Like The The The Death, check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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