Milwaukee Artist of the Week 8/16/13 – EL

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is EL, a young kid with a maturity not seen by many rappers at his age. In the clutter of braggadocio rap that Milwaukee can sometimes get caught up in, EL isn’t trying to be anything that he’s not. His latest release, Elevation, showcases that mentality. EL’s delivery is laid back, with an overload of smooth production from the likes of Derelle Rideout, Jay B, and more. Features from Klassik, Grand Markese, and JK The Rapper contribute to the flow of Elevation, as well. Elevation is a truly complete project, with consistency from start to finish.

What is really great about Elevation, though, is that nobody is trying to do too much with their part of the mixtape. It would have been very easy for E.L. as a young artist to come out of the gate full of energy, rapping about girls, cars, and money. On the contrary, Elevation sounds almost effortless from everyone involved. EL especially makes it look easy with his flow on tracks like “Gawds”, “Modern Warfare”, and the mixtape’s title track. Plain and simple, EL makes Elevation great because he just raps. He doesn’t try to go over your head, he doesn’t try to go harder than everyone else, he just raps. EL definitely put a lot of effort into Elevation, creating something that is very hard to achieve in hip hop today: simplicity. If you get a chance, cruise the lakefront to this tape before the end of summer. You can download it here via HotNewHipHop.

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