Milwaukee Artist of the Week 7/12/13 – Jermaine Event

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is Jermaine Event, one of the barrage of talented emcees that make up Higher Education Records. We were first introduced to Jermaine when he sent over tracks for our MKE Radio player, and we’ve been checking up for more from him ever since. Event put together a solid EP with his “Uncle Tom’s EP” release in 2012, and is a major contributor to Higher Education’s “Lesson II” Mixtape, released earlier this week.

Lyrically, Jermaine holds his own with the rest of the Higher Education crew, and shows that on Lesson II. The mixtape also gives him a chance to show off his range on a variety of beats, as exemplified by his verses on “Carousel” opposed to “Bed and Breakfast”, two very different songs. With a flow that isn’t exactly backpack, yet definitely not the “I’ve got more (insert anything) than you” swagger rapper, Jermaine carves out his own unique style.

Jermaine is a big part of Higher Education Records, a group with an ever-building buzz in Milwaukee. Event was part of the label’s showcase at South by Southwest, and adds his own flavor to most HER showcases, in Milwaukee and beyond. Check out a live version of “My Name’s Jermaine” from the Uncle Tom’s EP below, along with the rest of the EP:

Click here to check out “Higher Education Presents: Lesson II”

For more Jermaine Event, follow him on Twitter, and check out the HER Facebook and website.

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