Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 5/24/13 – The Cranberry Show

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week is hip hop standout The Cranberry Show, a duo consisting of Arcane and Young Focus. If you frequent hip hop blogs, especially yesterday, you have probably already heard of The Cranberry Show. Yesterday, Arcane and Young Focus released “The Jellyfish Theory”, their sixth official release. The tape premiered on 2DopeBoyz, one of the biggest hip hop blogs, and since then has also made its way to the front page of, GlobalGrind‘s Music Page, and Chicago’s Fake Shore Drive, amongst countless others. And that’s just in the first day. If that doesn’t impress you, then it should be noted that they’ve also been interviewed by, and have graced the pages of XXL Magazine as well.

Coverage aside, the sound of The Cranberry Show is something that is constantly evolving. Every one of their releases has shown progression from the duo, and The Jellyfish Theory is no exception. Throughout every release, though, both Young Focus and Arcane have shown tremendous lyrical skill, writing instantly quotable lines and metaphors (My personal favorite is “Chicks picture me ballin’ like NBA cameramen” from their 2010 R.A.N. mixtape). The Jellyfish Theory takes their flows to a new level, though, including the back and forth banter on “Mortimer”, one of the EP’s standouts. TCS have shown a dynamic range over the course of all of their releases, from 2010’s light-hearted Sex and Pencil Shavings up to this point. If you hadn’t heard of The Cranberry Show by now, they’re definitely a duo to keep your eye on. With their eyes on the elusive next level of hip hop, expect even bigger things from them going forward.

Check out “Gravity”, the lead single from The Jellyfish Theory:

Check out The Jellyfish Theory via 2DopeBoyz:

For more The Cranberry Show, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and their website.

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