Milwaukee Artist of the Week – 4/5/13 – The 57s

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This week’s Milwaukee Artist of the Week recently popped up on our radar, and we couldn’t be happier that they did. The 57s sent us an advance copy of their new EP, “3 of Swords”, and upon first listen it was clear that this band has it all put together, and well. The EP is relentless, refreshing rock n’ roll. The best comparison that could be made to the 57s is that they sound a mix of Social Distortion, with a dash of Kaiser Chiefs, but still with the raw sound of a garage band.

They do it well, though. Frontman West Goad sounds like he is giving every bit of energy possible on 3 of Swords, especially on tracks like the first single, “Put The Moves”, and “Blame It On Your Instincts”, which is the longest song on the whole project, clocking in at barely over four minutes. In fact, four of the six tracks on 3 of Swords don’t even crack the three minute mark, but they don’t need to. In under three minutes, the 57s can have you singing and bouncing along, and then they flow right into the next song, which has you doing the same thing. It’s not a formula, it’s just done damn well. That’s classic rock n’ roll, and there’s no substitute for that.

Click here to hear the 57s on Reverbnation

For more of The 57s, you can also check them out on Facebook and at on their website.

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