Chester French – “Black Girls” (Video)

Warning: This video contains some risque images. Don’t watch it if you’re too young, or too old.

Chester French teamed up with Karmaloop to release their newest video today. The first single is “Black Girls”, a hard hitting, catchy song that you’ll inevitably end up singing along to. The song is also attracting a little bit of controversy, because of the title and the video. Frontman/Milwaukee native/Harvard graduate D.A. Wallach tweeted that “as someone who is and has been in interracial relationships I knew that it was important. This isn’t just about black girls.” Their new album should be released soon, and I really hope it sounds like this song. It’s a big step forward from singing about Jimmy Choo shoes for Chester French, and I like it. Oh, and Travis Barker plays drums on it. One more reason to like it.

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