J.R. Moon – “Blastoff!” EP

J.R. Moon landed on my radar within the last year when I saw him perform at UWM. He has a natural flow that reminds me of a younger version of Young Focus from the Cranberry Show. The “Blastoff!” EP is a diverse tape, in the sense that the feel of each track is different, but it all works together, somehow. The most interesting choice is following up the opening track, “Hooligan”, with the more personal “Sound Like HeartBreak”. It’s a risk, but it pays off. The rest of the tape is more upbeat, and really showcases Moon’s strong points. I think if he’s marketed right, and keeps putting out material on the lines of this EP, J.R. Moon could definitely blast off. In due time, he may become one of the next big names in the Milwaukee music scene. Click on the cover or right here to get the “Blastoff!” EP.

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