8 Quick Questions with Cezar

Here’s a new thing I’ll do once in a while: interviews. Why not, right? Anyway, our first interview subject is Cezar, who I recently introduced to you in my last post.

Now you get to know a little more about him than just one song.

1) ME: So, introduce yourself! Who are you, and what is it you do?
CEZAR: I am Cezar and I am Milwaukee music…What I mean is I see myself as one of the creative centers. I make music. I don’t rap, I don’t MC. I make music no matter if it’s songwriting or creative influence for other artists. I make music that the world loves to hear.

2) ME: Where are you from?
CEZAR: I was born in Milwaukee,WI. I owe my raising to both Milwaukee and Albany,GA. Both places have had crucial influences on me personally and musically.

3) ME: What brings you to Milwaukee?
CEZAR: I was born here, I have family here, and I’ve stayed here. I’ve met a lot of cool people and I like the vibe.

4) ME: Who influences you musically?
Musically I am influenced more by a particular sound than artist. I am influenced by real music. If you listen to any artist, listen closely to there lyrics. A lot of their quotes are what influence me to write. I like the shit that speaks to you once you turn off the songs. I can’t name artists; the list is way to long.

5) ME: Does Milwaukee influence you at all? If it does, how?
It does. I get my Hunger from Milwaukee. Milwaukee is hungry on a music scale. They wanna be on. They wanna have that notoriety. Milwaukee is known for sports and beer but music has yet to make it national and put an actual imprint on the game. That’s where I get my hunger to release music.

6) ME: Everyone wants to separate themselves from the others in the Milwaukee scene. What makes you different?
The difference is I make music. I’m not contained to one genre. True, I can’t sing but I can write to anything, any style. I am one of the most versatile yet unheard artists in the city. I think what really separates me is the fact that I see no rules when it comes to music, because I don’t see it as music. It’s deeper than that. It’s art. Sorry for the cliché. (laughs)

7) ME: What upcoming projects are you working on?
I am working on two projects, actually. The main project is called “Roman Roulette”, which is my first mixtape. It is still in the writing stage. I am very, very particular of what I release as a solo effort. The second project is to be released almost immediately after the mixtape. It’s called “Thoughts From Aruba: The Lost Tapes”…I’m not giving details on this. Just know it’s a different side of me than what you will hear on “Roman Roulette”.

8.) ME: Okay. Question 8. You get 8 words to describe yourself or your sound. Go.
Alright let’s see here. 1.Creative 2. Innovative 3. Real 4. Honest 5. Hard 6. Legit 7. Inspired 8. Hungry.

Cezar also has released a design for his first shirt, which will be available soon for $25. More designs are on the way, but you can preorder this one for $22 exclusively by emailing CezarMusic414@Yahoo.com. Tell them I sent you for the discount.

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