Jon Frost – “Can You Hear The Colors” EP

If you haven’t heard of Jon Frost, be prepared to be thoroughly impressed. I feel like this EP is a how-to for aspiring pop singers, almost. “Can You Hear The Colors” is a 6 song free EP sample of his album of the same name, due out at a later date. It’s everything a fun, catchy pop record should be. Many of the synth-heavy tracks on this EP sound to me like they could easily be sung by some of pop music’s biggest stars. Needless to say, many of these tracks are radio-ready, and the hooks are so catchy you’ll be singing them by the second verse. Frost also has some very credible production work under his belt, doing not only his own music, but working with The Cranberry Show on their album, as well as Rhymefest. Click the album cover to download the EP.

Still not convinced that it’ll be good? Check out his first single, entitled “The Make Up Song”:

While we’re at it, here’s my favorite Jon Frost song, “I’ll Wait For You”. It’s not featured on the EP, but it’s so catchy. This is how you write a love song.

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