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AUDIO: Will Pfrang – “Oh Boy, You’re A Blessing”

Singer-songwriter Will Pfrang dropped his new record today. In the flavor of “lake house country” Pfrang contrasts the past with the present, reflecting on the surroundings that shaped him into the man he is today as he’s fallen in and out of love. He grew up in Port Washington, left town for college, and then returned some years later; some

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AUDIO: Will Pfrang – “Shooting Star”

Singer-songwriter Will Pfrang has another single out today ahead of his upcoming record “Oh Boy, You’re A Blessing.” He sings of being a teenager and camping out with a girl out in the wilderness, gazing into the sky under the stars. They reflect on how life is adventurous and limitless, and you’ll never where you’ll end up or how you’ll

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AUDIO: Will Pfrang – “Box Spring”

Singer-songwriter Will Pfrang, normally known as frontman for pop rock group Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang, is out with a new single from his forthcoming solo record “Oh Boy, You’re A Blessing.” In what he describes as “lake house country” he sings about being back in your childhood surroundings even when it’s merely a shell of what it

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