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AUDIO: West Nile Crows – “Collector”

Indie pop group West Nile Crows have a new single from upcoming EP “Negative.” It’s a song about turning a blind eye to learning new things and staying in your bubble. Ignorance is bliss, and West Nile Crows channel the emotional pain of dealing with close-minded people through this dreamy ditty. The EP will be out at the end of

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AUDIO: West Nile Crows – “Come Easy”

West Nile Crows is the solo project of Hans Jaeger, known as being the guitarist for shoegazers Cream Vellum. He’s recently taken the songs from his band Deep State Park and refined them into West Nile Crows material, and here is the first of which. The tune combines jangle pop, shoegaze, and dream pop into a shimmering cascade of sound

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