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AUDIO: Virgin Ambition – “Anti-Fascist / Madoff”

Alternative rockers Virgin Ambition have two new singles out this week. “Anti-Fascist” opens with sounds of war before erupting into a song that celebrates love as the only solution to the oppressive structures of racism and patriarchy. “Madoff” was written after notorious fraudster Bernie Madoff’s death last year and touches on sin and redemption. Virgin Ambition are stroking their pen

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AUDIO: Virgin Ambition – “Sinner’s Cave”

Grungy alternative rockers Virgin Ambition’s latest single is all about devilish deeds. Vocalist Stephen Jansen sings about sleeping with a married woman and holding dark secrets. Therefore, it’s easier for him to find home in dim light than heavenly light. Virgin Ambition rock with a wicked penchant with “Sinner’s Cave.”

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AUDIO: Virgin Ambition – “Splintered”

Alternative rockers Virgin Ambition are a new band on the map and they recently came out with a debut single. It’s a tune where vocalist Stephen Jansen sings about examining one’s own flaws and how it feels when someone else points them out. It eases its way into the refrain with a tense riff, giving it a degree of excitement

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