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AUDIO: Various Artists – “Oh SCOTUS, Up Yours!”

Milwaukee-based Vacancy Chain helped start a compilation with 13 other artists to make a timely and powerful statement in face of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade this year, blasted through fuzzed amps and damning lyrics. Each song is a metaphorical blow returned to institutions that have inflicted pain on women for centuries, whether it’s the courts,

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AUDIO: Vacancy Chain – “Running For Your Life / Negative Space”

Indie rockers Vacancy Chain released two new songs this week. “Running For Your Life” is about feeling like the world is crumbling and not knowing what to do about it but turn tail and run. “Negative Space” touches on having differences with people you love, having a heavy heart as a result. There’s fervent honesty and haunting hooks with these

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VIDEO: Vacancy Chain – “Loblolly”

Indie rockers Vacancy Chain have the video out to their single “Loblolly” from last September. The band’s three members are shown playing their instruments in individual shots while surreal, glowing effects add color to each member. Scenes of nature and the sky are incorporated in as well. The song is about enjoying the ride of life even though you’re never

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