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AUDIO: Uptop Pink – “The Lost Tape, Vol. 1”

Hip hop artist Uptop Pink’s got a new tape out. It’s seven tracks where the rapper tackles the life hardships that are enough to make you want to run away. Pink touches on subjects such as losing people, burning bridges, coping mechanisms, and watching his enemies’ moves over melancholy production that complements his brutal honesty. This tape is earnest about

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AUDIO: Uptop Pink – “The Phoenix”

Hip hop artist Uptop Pink released a new album this week. He unleashes previously-untapped potential over seven tracks, themed around being rebirthed and taking flight. It’s fitting, considering he recently underwent a name change from Kane) and now he’s coming with more electric, hard-hitting hooks than ever. The whimsical production contrasts Pink’s blunt, right-to-the-point bars about having the means to

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AUDIO: Uptop Pink – “Nuwave”

Hip hop artist Uptop Pink, formerly known as Kane, is out with a new album. It’s spacey, electronic, and nocturnal. Pink showcases a dark aesthetic meant for those kept up at night by their dreams, by their ambition, and by their fears. His style delivers barrages of bars full-speed like he’s at war against the mic, but also brings slower

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