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AUDIO: BVSMV – “Wish We Were Sightseers”

Synthwave project BVSMV has a new EP out on Triplicate Records. Sitting atop sunrise-soaked mountains, BVSMV creates a rolling landscape with “True Cyan” while “Tessellations” reflects the morning clouds drifting across the horizon. It’s music that your soul bathes in, eager to liberally sprawl across space. BVSMV has your morning wake-up soundtrack handy with “Wish We Were Sightseers.”

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AUDIO: BVSMV – “Rubicon”

Synthwave project BVSMV recently released a new single as part of a compilation on Triplicate Records. As many tunes from this artist explore the planes of space and time, “Rubicon” is a sparkling journey of geometric patterns. Invoking the feeling that you’re floating, BVSMV layers beds of synth like oceanic bliss. It’s some great electronic relaxation for you today.

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AUDIO: BVSMV – “Escapism”

Chillwave artist BVSMV is out with a new EP on Triplicate Records. It’s a perfect morning listen, glistening with syrupy synths and adventurous passages. It’s immersive in charm and wonder as it feels like you leap from dream to dream, living up to its name. There’s a retro 80’s influence but a modern dream pop aesthetic as well. BVSMV dropped

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