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AUDIO: Toxic Ruin – “Nightmare Eclipse”

Heavy metal band Toxic Ruin are out with the title track to their forthcoming record due this summer. A hellish descension into diabolical riffage, Toxic Ruin continue building on their hybrid sound of old-school death metal with progressive thrash in what they told Metal Temple is their most mature material to date. The song is about betrayal and greed, waging

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AUDIO: Toxic Ruin – “Ritual Rebirth”

Heavy metal band Toxic Ruin’s latest release is the first single off their upcoming record “Nightmare Eclipse.” Terrifying and gnarly, the band shrieks with judgment and thrashes with relentless vigor. It feels like you’re trying to find the way out of a maze in Hell but there’s truly no way to escape the demonic presence within. Toxic Ruin state that

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