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AUDIO: Sunny Lou – “When Maria Dies”

Alt pop artist Sunny Lou dropped a two-piece recently. In less than four minutes, Lou conjures the feeling of being up in the sky looking down at yourself. Both songs are lively, determined, and are truly after what they want, utilizing Auto-tuned vocals and soaring electronic production. It’s an energetic yet emotional release from Sunny Lou – an artist who

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AUDIO: Dirty Rotten Socialists – “You Don’t Want This”

Okay, we’ve been sleeping on Dirty Rotten Socialists. A couple weeks ago, the collective dropped a new single “You Don’t Want This” or YDWT for short. The track features two members of the group, Will Static and Sunny Lou. Both emcees keep it moving over some upbeat production, showcasing that they definitely have the skills to stamp their name on

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