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AUDIO: Soul Low – “Bad Set of Moods”

Following their acclaimed release, “Nosebleeds”, Soul Low is returning with even more new material, with their new single, “Bad Set of Moods”. The track is the first offering from the band’s upcoming album, “Cheer Up”, which will be out this summer. In true Soul Low fashion, the track features a skewed blend of surf rock, indie pop, indie snark, and

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VIDEO: Soul Low – “Be Like You”

Soul Low are many things as a band, and one of them is definitely comfortable on camera. In their latest video for “Be Like You” from the recently released “Nosebleeds” album, the soul dudes aren’t afraid to assume their “Leave It To Beaver” role as a nuclear family, or transition into goth rock superstars. In whichever look you’d prefer, the

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AUDIO: Foreign Goods – “Coronation”

The collective known as Foreign Goods, featuring New Age Narcissism’s Jay Anderson, Klassik, Soul Low’s Sam Gehrke, and B-Free, amongst a host of other talented musicians, has made a name for themselves by playing out frequently in Milwaukee. A proper release from the band, however, was yet to come. Luckily for us, Gloss Records recently released the group’s debut EP,

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AUDIO: Soul Low – “Nosebleeds”

After much anticipation, a couple of singles and EPs, and probably way more shows than any other band that comes to mind, Soul Low’s “Nosebleeds” is officially out today via Gloss Records. The full length follow up to “Uneasy”, the release that really helped propel the Soul dudes, a full LP is a very welcome sign. Working in elements of

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AUDIO: Soul Low – “Tied In Knots”

And just like that, we have a new Soul Low single. Bassist Sam Gehrke unveiled the song Thursday morning on 88Nine RadioMilwaukee. This one is a mellow jam from the Soul dudes, revolving around a bouncy bass line. The song’s subject matter is a little heavy, discussing the differences between an online persona and real life, but sonically, the track

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AUDIO: Soul Low – “Be Like You”

The progression of Soul Low’s sound is intriguing. If you look at their releases individually, no two sound completely alike, but they all sort of fit together. The latest to this cavalcade of music is “Be Like You”, the first single from their upcoming LP, “Nosebleeds”. With a distinctively surf-rock feel, and frontman Jake Balistrieri’s distinctive voice over the top,

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