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VIDEO: Sleepersound – “Blossom”

Cinematic indie rockers Sleepersound have a video out for their song “Blossom” off this past year’s record “Idle Voices.” A woman gently walks through a forest, eventually finding herself on the beach as the waves soak her feet. Meanwhile the band is found playing in a warehouse; the song is about confronting fears and self-discovery – both the light and

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AUDIO: SleeperSound – “Idle Voices”

Cinematic indie rockers SleeperSound are out with their third record. The band carries us through somber dreams that echo feelings of isolation and detachment from crowded nights. They encompass elements of slowcore and post-rock as imagery of spaces once inhabited but now deserted is realized over six songs. Sounds crescendo as feelings do, ascending further and further into the caverns

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