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AUDIO: Skymall – “Of Course You Deserve It, Why Else Would It Keep Happening?”

Skymall released their solo full-length album this past week. Featuring ten tracks, Skymall brings blends pop, hip hop and hyper electronica into an affective, dreamlike body of work that draws upon the complicated matters of love, relationships and sense of self. The title suggests the cyclical nature of one’s behavior when they don’t change themselves, and Skymall explores such a

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AUDIO: Skymall – “HMU”

Life keeps going on and on with producer-artist Skymall’s latest single. Stuck deciding between whether he wants company or to be left alone, the artist ruminates over going through the same cycle constantly. Bright production pops and shines, undercut by a somber piano line that creates a solid representation of his conflicted feelings. In just over two minutes, Skymall takes

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AUDIO: Skymall & Cyrus Chrome – “Just You Wait!”

Today’s the day – Skymall and Cyrus Chrome dropped their collaborative EP. We first heard from them with “Ripples” a few months back and today we get the full picture; the artists bring a pop opus that incorporates elements of hip hop, pop punk and electronica. There’s a friendly and affable chemistry that’s palpable between the two as they bring

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