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AUDIO: Shxde – “Voices”

Electronic producer Shxde released the first single from his upcoming album. The cover art is a perfect image for this tune; it feels like we’re going high speed through a dim tunnel at night, sticking our heads out the car window to truly feel alive. Shxde puts us powerfully in the present moment with shadowy, atmospheric bass. Stay tuned for

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AUDIO: Shxde – “Keep It Moving”

Electronic producer Shxde’s latest single is about taking a deep breath and pushing through adversity. Sometimes you feel like you’re losing your mind, but Shxde is here to tell you it will be okay as long as you remain positive. It’s a song with a message especially important right now as much about the future remains uncertain. We hope Shxde

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AUDIO: Shxde – “Night City”

Dystopian electronic producer Shxde’s most recent single could easily be the anthem for a Need for Speed race. It radiates with futuristic angst and industrial sharpness, like you’re racing against the clock. We can imagine folks will rave to this one once the pandemic is over. Hopefully this is a sign of something more from Shxde in the months to

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