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AUDIO: Shadows Taller Than Souls – “Fantasized”

Heavy psych rockers Shadows Taller Than Souls’ latest single is about grief and struggling to feel connected to others. Clocking in at just over two minutes, the song rips with angst around pushing people away and dwelling in a lonely void. Stay tuned for more to come from Shadows Taller Than Souls in the near future!

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: Static Palms, Shadows Taller Than Souls

Milwaukee bands Static Palms and Shadows Taller Than Souls played Kochanski’s alongside Chicago grunge punks Cuddle Riot on Saturday night. Static Palms consist of vocalist/guitarist Shane Langenfeld, guitarist Joe Sleeman, bassist Kyle Prefontaine, and drummer Chris Bodjanac. They are an alternative rock band with pop punk sensibilities, dividing their time between Milwaukee and Chicago (Prefontaine lives in Chicago). They formed

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AUDIO: Shadows Taller Than Souls – “Doom Punk EP”

Garage-psych rockers Shadows Taller Than Souls dropped an EP a few months back. There’s grooves, trippy imagery, and hellish riffage over three tracks. Encompassing themes of emptiness and doom, Shadows Taller Than Souls get swallowed whole running from underworld giants and treacherous desert storms with “Doom Punk EP.” Note the discombobulating coda of “Crystalline Perceptions” in particular. We hope to

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