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VIDEO: Immortal Girlfriend – “Seeker”

Synth knights Immortal Girlfriend have the visual out for their song “Seeker.” In this Bash-directed video, Will and Kevin meet with a hooded figure who observes some kind of power within them. Eventually the two men battle the figure, using their lightning-like powers to prevail. There’s animated illustrations of these scenarios depicted between the real life shots, giving it a

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AUDIO: Immortal Girlfriend – “Seeker”

Synthwave duo Immortal Girlfriend’s latest single is about relentlessly searching for something deeper. The melody rises and falls between the electronic textures like we’re in a sea of synths. Immortal Girlfriend are known for making music to take late night drives to, and this tune is an optimal addition to your speedy moonlight getaway. We’re excited to watch what they’ll

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