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AUDIO: Satori IV – “The Pack, Vol. 3: Summer Solstice”

Hip hop artist Satori IV has his third edition of “The Pack” out, and this one’s a simple two-piece. He’s clearly feeling good basking in the summer energy; “No Complaints” is pretty self-explanatory with bars about Satori’s comfort with where he’s at while “These Days” finds him rapping about just wanting a woman who’s honest and respectful of him. It’s

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AUDIO: Satori IV – “The Pack: Underdog Days”

Hip hop artist Satori IV has his second EP of the year out, following January’s “Cosmos.” With four songs, Satori’s mindset here is heavy on not taking life for granted and maximizing on every opportunity. Over melodic production he raps about things that have held him back in the past but now he’s found composure and focus. It’s a sharp

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AUDIO: Satori IV – “The Pack: Cosmos”

Hip hop artist Satori IV dropped a new EP this past week. With four tracks, the rapper is talking to a girl, looking to keep her comfortable. He wants her by his side as he racks up money, and that becomes a central theme of this project. His delivery never gets aggressive here; he keeps a good head on his

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AUDIO: Satori IV – “Vintage Prada”

Hip hop artist Satori IV’s latest single makes great use of auto-tune and super heavy bass. He lays down bars about feeling irreplaceable, the importance of loyalty, and feeling his aggression go down when he’s with a special someone. It may only be just over two minutes, but the seasoned rapper makes good use of that time with honesty and

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