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AUDIO: RealityTV – “Channel Surfing”

Hip hop-producer duo RealityTV are out with their debut EP on Higher Education Records. Cleverly goofy and full of comedic imagery, these five tracks demonstrate Slang Troubadour’s knack for humorous embodiment in addition to Moses’ admiration for abstract production techniques. Amanda Huff appears on “Winter Jazz” while Mic Crawf and Sleepy appear on “Congratulations.” Whether they’re paying homage to Tobey

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VIDEO: Reality TV – “Tobey Maguire”

Hip hop-producer duo RealityTV have an amazing new video out. A couple, played by Moses and Sierra Tonin, sit down to watch the cinematic masterpiece Spider-Man 3 by Sam Raimi. They’re left pissed by the ending so they decide to create their own Spider-Man 3. Slang Troubadour becomes Spiderman, but not just *any* Spiderman – Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman. He sets

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AUDIO: Reality TV – “Day 100”

Hip hop-producer duo Reality TV’s second single makes us feel like we’re floating in space with style. Slang Troubadour raps about drifting off into another dimension as he’s high from creative joy, all while over Moses’ infectious production. It’s a banger about the risks you take to get to higher levels. Reality TV have been bringing the flames with just

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