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AUDIO: Melvv – “Ready or Not (Feat. Terror Jr & Umru)”

Electronic dance producer Melvv teamed up with fellow producer Umru and vocalist Terror Jr for his latest single. This one has a tropical sensation and it’s about knowing exactly what you’re after. You invite the person of your dreams to join you on an adventure; you don’t know what’ll happen but life is short. It’s a song with the “high

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VIDEO: BriJon – “Ready or Not”

Emerging R&B artist BriJon has a new single and video out. Directed by Jacob Rinks, BriJon grooves around in an illuminated space and is shown laying in a bed of rose petals. Her feathery voice irresistibly charms us; she knows exactly what she wants and sets a sensual, provocative scene to reflect both self-love and a yearning for intimacy. BriJon

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