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AUDIO: Ravi/Lola – “Christmas Village Mouse”

Psych pop band Ravi/Lola dropped a Christmas single this year. Starting with a warm and sweet glockenspiel, the song tells the story of a mouse who comes out from its cozy mini village every Christmas to befriend the narrator, swelling into a playful and bouncy tune that ultimately ends with a freakout by the narrator because the mouse leaves right

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AUDIO: Illicit Eagle – “Illegal Eagles”

Illicit Eagle is the experimental side project of Anton Sieger, known for playing in indie psych-pop band Ravi/Lola. His debut record is a series of quirky lo-fi beats that even sample a few bird calls. There’s some mind-warping psychedelic effects that complement minimalist percussion, like you’re tripping on drugs while walking through a vibrantly colorful meadow. “Googoots” becomes the climactic

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AUDIO: Boy Lonely – “The Hoax”

Boy Lonely is the solo indie pop project of Casey Seymour, who plays in Kiss Critique and band Ravi/Lola. His debut record is out today; he describes it as his personal diary from being isolated during the pandemic. It’s got an overall romantic theme that plays thematically on the quarantine through each song. There’s songs about masking up, being safer

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