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AUDIO: Quotes From Movies – “Anymore”

Pop rockers Quotes From Movies dropped a new single. This one’s about being on your own in an unfamiliar city after a break-up; now you’re left questioning everything and unsure how to pick the pieces up. Full of existential dread and caught at a dead end, “Anymore” tackles the crisis of what you’ve loved and felt secure with getting ripped

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AUDIO: Quotes From Movies – “Balanced Breakfast”

Pop rockers Quotes From Movies released a new album recently. With bright hooks and sincere lyricism, “Balanced Breakfast” is a record about struggling to heal and find authentic connection. There’s themes of brokenness, pushing people away, getting clean, and cringing at the past that all culminate into an intense yearning for change. Charlee Grider appears on “Percocet” in the role

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