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AUDIO: Versio Curs – “Quit”

Indie rockers Versio Curs have their long-awaited sophomore album out. Consisting of nine tracks, Kyle Halverson’s lyrics here are metaphoric in vulnerability. Many of these songs are about insecurity and an unstable sense of self; tales include wishing someone would fit exactly the mold you’ve created of them in your head in “Yeah,” dwelling on the past in “Already Gone,”

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BREAKING: Tom Delonge Leaves Blink-182

Today marks another bump in the road for Blink-182, as an official statement from the band has revealed that guitarist and founding member Tom Delonge has left the band. According to Consequence of Sound, a statement issued by the band’s publicist reveals how close we were to new Blink material: “A week before we were scheduled to go in to

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