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AUDIO: Pulpa de Guayaba – “Ode to You”

Latin reggae-soul band Pulpa de Guayaba’s latest single is a lovestruck one. Vocalist Dominick Dear sings to a lover, wishing to reconcile all their differences with one more song. Their problems are fixable and he’s begging for another chance at making things work. It’s a song about willing to do anything to right your wrongs. Stay tuned for more from

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AUDIO: Pulpa de Guayaba – “I’ve Been Thinking”

There’s a new band in the works – experimental rockers Pulpa de Guayaba. Their debut single is out now and it’s about your breath getting stolen by someone you’re crazy for. You find yourself thinking about them all the time but once they’re actually here you’re at a loss for words. Embedded between the lyrics is a groovy guitar solo

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