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AUDIO: Jacob Slade – “Pressure (Feat. Blacktop)”

Singer-songwriter Jacob Slade teamed up with dream pop artist Blacktop for a new single. It’s an appealing tune about self-doubt and holding yourself to a high standard. With its wavy atmosphere and relaxed tone, Slade lays out his struggles in a calm, collected way that makes it feel like everything will be okay. The groove could get you swaying back

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RockzSolid Featuring Pudj – “Pressure”

RockzSolid is busy. She’s currently working on an album, preparing a mixtape for release, and running her own business at Brewed Fresh Records. Couple that with the daily stuff that everyone has to go through, and you get the material for “Pressure” the newest track off of her upcoming mixtape “For The Love”. Oh, and there may be a video

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