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AUDIO: TableForFour – “Be There”

Milwaukee’s TableForFour are back with their third single release, “Be There”, which premiered yesterday via HipHopDX. The track is a shift in sound from the witch house group, backed by production from members Plaga and B.U.. An assist on the hook comes from vocalist Jayne Joyce, and other vocalist Yasuke, as well as B.U. share verses on this track. There’s

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AUDIO: TableForFour – “Match” (Premiere)

Today, we have not only a new song premiere, but essentially a band premiere as well. TableForFour is a new indie / witch house group comprised of producers Plaga, B.U., and vocalists Jayne Joyce and Yasuke. You may recognize almost all of the other members from other projects, but this a new venture, and definitely a departure from the sounds

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AUDIO: Plaga – “BI-Chance” (Featuring Pizzle, Jae Ace, & D. Bridge) (Premiere)

Plaga hit me up tonight with a brand new track he produced, and it’s definitely some heat for a freezing winter day. All three emcees go in on the track, and there’s an ultra-smooth beat from a consistently strong producer. If you aren’t rapping along at some point, you’ll be singing the hook. This is definitely an all-star roster doing

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