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AUDIO: Permanent Murkers – “Tunnel Vision”

Experimental band Permanent Murkers are out with a new concept album. It’s described as a “site-specific electro-acoustic improvised audio drama” that seeks new perspectives of sonic space, amplifying creative potential through “tunnels.” Instruments used here include trumpet, bass clarinet, keyboard, accordion, cajon, percussion and whistling. Permanent Murkers find distinctive cohesion through energetic conduits with “Tunnel Vision.”

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AUDIO: Permanent Murkers – “Out Murk the Perma Fox”

Experimental quartet Permanent Murkers released a new track a little while ago. It’s an electric jazz tune adorned with the colors of a vibrant sunset, as the cover art depicts. With a calm demeanor, the piece gives the impression that all four musicians are making each creative decision based on what feels right in the moment. We hope to hear

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