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AUDIO: Osseo – “Anders (Lofi Remix)”

Emo rockers Osseo released their debut album last year, and now George Kuether of Versio Curs has brought us a remixed version of their song “Anders.” The song tackles being judged or hated because of something you’ve done, and whether it’s worth caring or not. Favoring electronic production over conventional band instrumentation, Kuether’s remix of Osseo’s “Anders” gives the song

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AUDIO: Osseo – “These Days”

Emo rockers Osseo are newcomers on the Milwaukee scene, and they’ve got their debut album out to show for it. There’s a lot of existential dread weaved into the music here, begging to know what in life is better off. “Cicadas (Reprise)” is about pitying someone, “Anders” seems to be about wondering if resilience is worth it, and “Lily” ponders

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